A new generation of entrepreneurs are making an impact on the economy – older, wiser and armed with a bank of experience, these “Olderpreneurs” are taking control of their future as well as their financial positions. Perhaps now is the time for you too, to cash-in and take the leap into self-employment, after all, age is just a number. 

Let's do this

Whether it is borne from the desire to go for a full blown career change, the need to create a second income, the wish to invest a windfall or the simple decision to ditch the retirement lifestyle, whatever your driving force, if you are looking to become self-employed and want to invest in your skills and knowledge, there is an opportunity to do it – and we can help you!  

Where do I start?

To become an Olderpreneur Business Gateway Fife can offer you support to channel your experience, drive and determination and help you build your own business, if you are based in Fife - all you need to do is get in touch.  We will assign you to an experienced adviser who will establish where you are in your business journey and provide you with relevant information and signpost you to the right sources to help you get your business started.   

What help is available

An experienced business adviser will guide you on what you need to consider to start-up in business and provide you with tailored advice as well as offering you access to a wealth of business information. Market research, supplier & company lists, credit checks and statistics will all be freely available to help you make informed decisions, we also deliver a varied programme of fully funded workshops designed to help you build upon your existing skills and bridge any gaps. Below is just a small summary of how we can help support you:
  • Business Plan - Download your free business plan template here so you can create and manage a realistic business plan to help you secure finance and funding and measure success. 
  • Financial Projection - Financial projections are key management tool for any business and are an essential tool when fundraising. Access a guide to Financial Projections which covers the process of creating a financial model
  • Market Insights - Whatever stage you are at in your business journey, in this fast paced business environment, it is crucial that you have the latest market knowledge to help you make informed decisions. Source market intelligence relevant to your company
  • Marketing Plan - Your marketing plan will help you to analyse where your business is currently, where you’d like it to be, and help you etablish the bit in between: how to get there. Your guide to creating a marketing plan
  • Online Video Tutorials - Free and available 24/7, our online tutorial series offers you advice & tips on the likes of paid advertising, cyber resilience & digital marketing.  Click here to view them now


The time is now! So why wait? If you want to get the ball rolling simply get in touch with a Business Gateway Fife Adviser by completing the form below. 
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