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Support for Hiring New Employees

If you are looking to employ a new member of staff, whether it's for a short-term placement or full time position, there is a wide range of support in the form of Apprenticeships, Internships and Placements which may help you take on your next employee.

Better still, at Business Gateway Fife, our HR and Employability Adviser will not only advise you on which options are the most viable for your business but she can also discuss current HR legislative requirements for Employers.

We understand that people are absolutely critical to the overall success of your business which is why we offer HR support.  If you have a specific HR or Employability query, please email us at or call 01592 858333.

We work closley with external partners who may be able to offer their services and employment programs.  See those highlighted below:


Modern Apprenticeships 

Modern Apprentices (MAs) play a vital role in building a skilled, motivated workforce so if you are looking to build your team hiring a Modern Apprentice might just be the answser.

MAs are backed by industry-recognised qualifications and highly structured training.  The Fife Job Contract is operated by our partner, Opportunities Fife and supports the process of recruiting a Modern Apprentice for your business.  Apprentices are typically funded up to 50% of minimum wage for 26 weeks.  Further information and contact details can be found here.


Adopt an Intern 

For those looking to recruit graduates to a permanent vacancy or a development programme, Adopt an Intern will do all of the candidate attraction and prequalification.  Funded placements may be available, which would contribute towards the wage and recruitment costs of hiring a graduate. 

For more details please visit their website here.


ScotGrad - Help to Hire Graduates

ScotGrad works with you to source talented graduates and students for short-term placements that may last from as little as 8 weeks up to a year - dependant on which program you choose. On offer are Graduate placements, Scottish Life Sciences Internship Programme, and the International Business Explorer.

Projects could include anything from Designing and developing a new product or service to developing new business processes such as ordering/purchasing systems etc.

For full details on ScotGrad, please visit their website. 


Work Trials

The government backed scheme 'Work Trial', is a risk free way of taking on a new employee, in that, it enables you to try out a person for up to 30 days before making a final decision. There are no wage costs as the person will be volunteering and there is very little paperwork. Certain elegibility conditions apply.

More information on Work Trials can be found here.


Low Carbon Skills Fund 

The Low Carbon Skills Fund offers up to £5000 towards employee training costs in areas such as 

    • renewable energy and low-carbon technologies
    • energy efficiency
    • waste management and reuse
    • reducing carbon in supply and energy management

This fund is open to Scottish businesses with less than 100 employees and consists of a refund of up to 50% of employee training costs, up to a maximum of £1000 per employee. 

Full details on this fund can be found on the Our Skillsforce website.