What is it? 

  • Fully funded consultancy support from a framework of subject matter specialists
  • Replacement for Business Gateway Fife’s previous Expert Help scheme
  • Opens on 1st April 2023
  • Funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Who’s eligible?

Businesses located in Fife working with Business Gateway Fife.

The focus will be on supporting SMEs, although larger businesses may also be eligible. Priority will be given to key sectors (Energy Industries, Financial and Business Services, Food & Drink, Manufacturing & Engineering, Tourism) and projects that will boost jobs/turnover. 

To avoid duplication, if a business’s circumstances mean they’re eligible for similar support from other agencies (e.g., Scottish Enterprise, SDS) they should seek support from those agencies first.

What can it be used for?

Providing up to 3 days of fully funded specialist business advice from a framework of subject matter specialists. Interventions of more than 3 days will be considered by exception. 

How to apply?

This support is offered at the discretion of a Business Gateway Adviser. Therefore, in order to be considered, a business must be actively engaged with Business Gateway Fife. 


Businesses Who Have Already Benefited

Have a look at our case studies and see how other businesses have benefited from our Specialist Business Advice Programme:

PeachyKeen - received support to develop its new website

Raeburn Construction - support with Development of Communications Strategy and Website

Phase 3 Connectors Ltd -  support to help secure RSA funding and development of a website 

Stagison - support helped Stagison to get accreditation and compliance 

Daniel Gardner - Support included help with search engine optimisation.

Hedgehogs Nursery obtained digital and ecommerce expertise to develop their online presence. 

Waterski and Wakeboard Scotland received an Energy Audit, which significantly reduced their energy costs. 

Key-Tech Electronic Systems Ltd - used support to obtain specialist European Nuclear Industry framework knowledge to develop their market.

The Linden Tree Dental Lounge also obtained digital support to maximise its online presence.

Podofit found the support was instrumental in providing valuable accountancy support by updating their financial forecasts to help grow their business. 


How to apply

Contact one of our Business Advisers to find out more about Specialist Business Advice programme by calling 01592 858333 or email info@bgfife.co.uk