Why enter the 2020 Fife Business Awards?

Friday 17 May 2019

The 2019 Fife Business Awards were the biggest yet, with a record number of entries and more companies applying than ever before.  Print and social media coverage reached record levels and the sold-out Award Ceremony at the Rothes Halls set an attendance record for the event. The 2020 Awards are open for entries and nominations.  New innovations like a simple online application process have been introduced, while the features that made last year so successful are back again, with “In the Know” workshops to give you practical tips and guidance from past judges and winners to help you apply with greater confidence and ‘Behind the Scenes’ visits by the judges to get to know the finalists better.    The 2019 winners came from tourism, manufacturing, retail, voluntary, business services and technology and they all had a passion for what they do; a pride in doing it well; and the confidence to put themselves forward.    Follow in their footsteps this year and you too can experience the unique high of the Fife Business Awards. “The whole Ecology Centre team and the school are delighted. I wanted to thank you personally because it really means a lot to me.  Claire Reid, Education Manager, The Ecology Centre, proud winner of the 2019 Best School Partnership AwardWhen we first began developing the partnership with Pathhead there was a lot of concern from the team about how much time I would be spending at the school rather than at the Ecology Centre. I pushed to be able to do it despite some opposition and it was quite a risk for me.  As you mentioned it led to quite a few others partnerships and this kind of work means we now have an Education Team of 4 people plus freelancers. “I’m well known at The Ecology Centre for leading with my heart and for me getting this award was a bit of a vindication that leading with the heart doesn’t mean that my head isn’t engaged too! I personally believe that good business and developing a service can be combined with doing real good in the world and I think this award recognised that. So, it means a lot to me and has given me more confidence to keep developing what we do.  Thank you again.” Claire Reid, Education Manager, The Ecology Centre, proud winner of the 2019 Best School Partnership Award.