Fife Airport Cafe

Skyview Café Takes Off At Fife Airport

Tuesday 28 May 2024

A cafe/restaurant has been in business at Fife Airport for over 20 years in various guises.  The new Skyview Cafe launched in April this year after refurbishment.  Now being run by Aneta Kwasniewska, a skilled pastry chef.  Aneta creates all her fresh home-made cakes from her Polish grandmother's delicious recipes.  The cafe can seat 40 people inside and the same again outside.  It is open six days a week and draws visitors from all over the UK - including visiting pilots who fly into the airport. 

Aneta explained, “I love it for the local people, for the conversations we have and the routine of seeing one another, the chance to make these casual bonds and creating a space for gatherings where anyone can feel heard, supported and seen.” Aneta is getting ready for summer and has started making her own ice cream with some amazing flavours. She also has various events planned over the summer and wants to create family friendly activities.

Aneta added, "When I realised the lease of the cafe was up for renewal, I grabbed the opportunity. I had been looking around for some time and had my mind on creating a ‘destination café’ where I could spread joy and love by making delicious homemade cakes, waffles and sandwiches from my family’s old-fashioned recipes and for me there was no better destination than the beautiful Fife Airport with its amazing countryside views and all the aerial activity going on - planes, helicopters and sky diving”.

Businesses based at the airport include Fife Flight Centre (Flying School), Skydive St Andrews (skydiving), Aircraft Engineering Ltd (aircraft maintenance), Flight Plan Aviation (airport operator leasing planes and selling fuel and hangarage to private aircraft owners) and Skyhook Helicopters. 

Jim Watt, Managing Director of Fife Airport commented, “We are very fortunate to have Aneta take over the cafe. She created a unique and friendly atmosphere at the cafe which has significantly increased the footfall at the airport which is good for all the businesses based there." 

As a client of Business Gateway Fife, Business Adviser, Alasdair Busby has worked with the company to offer support and advice to the business and secured a Net Zero grant to install cost effective electric radiators for the building and a professional review of the rates through Specialist Business Advice.  Alasdair added, “Since taking over the airport lease, the Watt Family has created a masterplan for a full makeover of the airport, including the engineering facilities and café.  With many years’ experience in the aviation industry, the gradual evolution of the airport will guarantee an increase in numbers of visiting aircraft (leisure and engineering servicing facilities) with corresponding employment opportunities – exciting times!”

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