Multiprint Plans for Future with Apprenticeship Programme

Monday 1 April 2019

Apprenticeships are one of the most important factors for business growth. Against that backdrop, Multiprint is committed to recruiting apprentices and now, one of its original apprentices, Ross Anderson, who joined the printing works 25 years ago, has gone full circle, and is now training Multiprint’s newest Modern Apprentice.

Craig Payne was hand-picked following an outreach to local schools. Under close supervision, he will undertake simple print jobs in a live production environment, which will provide Craig with a sound knowledge of the basic skills required as well as showcase the flavour of how the work can vary, and how he can use the knowledge gained to achieve the best result. Alongside this, Craig is working through NVQ modules and meets with assessors on site every 12 weeks.

Jay Todd, Director of Multiprint, said: “Apprentices play an important role in our business, helping to plan for our future sustainability and enabling our team to pass on crucial knowledge, which comes with years of experience.”

Jay added: “By training in-house through a formal apprenticeship scheme, we are able to introduce and impress upon new members of staff our way of working, our culture and at the same time remain receptive to their needs and ideas.”