Multi-sector market visit to Spain- 11-15 November 2018

Thursday 16 August 2018

Explore opportunities for your business on this five-day multi-sector market visit to Madrid and Barcelona. Registration is now open for support to join our Scottish delegation.  Why Spain?  Spain is the fifth largest economy in the European Union (EU) and now one of the fastest growing in the Eurozone. The population of Spain is about 47 million making it one of the biggest consumer markets in the EU. Around 1 million British nationals, based mostly in the coastal regions, are permanent or part-time residents. Over 16 million British tourists visit Spain every year. Benefits for UK businesses exporting to Spain include:Entry route to Latin AmericaSize of the marketEnglish accepted as a business languageFamiliarity with British products and openness to themProximity and availability of flights, including low cost airlines  Market visit support  We'll support companies attending before, during and after the market visit with the following:Connect with experts and professionals on the ground, such as Scottish Development International (SDI) market specialists, business associations, Department for International Trade (DIT), local businesses, accountants, solicitorsProvide market research to support delegates to set up one to one meetings with potential agents, distributors, clients, buyers, partners while in marketExport training prior to the visit to make sure all delegates are market ready and understand the culture, finance, route to market optionsFinancial funding for 50% flights and accommodation (up to £200) for eligible companies Companies are responsible for booking own flights and accommodation. However, we'll suggest flights and hotels for you so the delegation can travel as a group and stay in the same location.  Sector opportunities  The market visit will be multi sector; however, the following key sectors have been identified as offering good opportunities: MadridTechnology and engineeringLife sciencesRenewablesFintech (pharma services, digital health, smart grid, data, smart cities) BarcelonaTechnology and engineeringLife sciencesCreative industries For more details, please click here