McCormack Innovation Gets Scouted By Leading Cosmetic Company

Tuesday 2 April 2019

McCormack Innovation, which is leading the advancement in soluble healthcare products, is in talks with the largest cosmetic company in the world.

Brian McCormack, a former miner turned inventor, was approached by scouts from this cosmetic company, who were interested in his soluble wet wipes. They are trialling the wipes, as are the world’s largest distributer of stoma care products. Adhesive remover wipes play an important part in the changing of stoma bags.

Four and a half thousand soluble wet wipes have been manufactured and distributed for trial purposes, having been licensed for European production and distribution with wipes manufacturer, Guardpack.

The environmental benefits that these soluble wet wipes can bring is without question revolutionary. McCormack Innovation is well ahead of competitors, with its wet wipes close to passing the Water Research Centre’s Fine to Flush test.

Brian McCormack, who is being advised by Business Gateway Fife, said: “Initial interest in our soluble wet wipes has been significant. As we await the results of the wet wipe trials by global cosmetic and medical healthcare companies, we continue to seek new markets. There are two opportunities to pursue in Australia, leads for which came from Arab Health.”

Wet wipes are only one of McCormack Innovation’s range of soluble healthcare products. Under the branding of ‘FlushAway’, the soluble products have the potential to revolutionise the healthcare sector.

McCormack Innovation’s flushable bowel cancer screening tool is generating sales around the world. Gut Feeling in Sweden has just ordered 3,000 FlushAway products, whilst the South Alabama University Hospital is keen to take the stool collection product to the US market.

Brian added: “I developed these soluble products after seeking a more convenient way of collecting samples for bowel cancer screening after being tested myself. I undertook a long period of research before finding a US firm that could develop an effective level of solubility that is safe to use in a healthcare setting, whilst being environmentally friendly.

“My mind took over about all the possibilities available for soluble healthcare products. In addition to FlushAway’s stool collection device and the soluble wipes, I’ve also patented a range of wound dressings that are easily flushed from the skin.”

McCormack Innovation is in talks with a leading wound dressing manufacturer to produce the soluble dressings, which have been warmly welcomed by academics. The University of Dundee commented that the wound dressings: “would certainly reduce trauma inflicted during bandage removal and reduce the danger of tissue damage.” Whilst, an academic from Ninewells Hospital said: “I can immediately see the benefits of this for diabetic foot ulcers.”

Brian concluded: “Interest in the soluble wet wipes is significant, and whilst early days, the dissolvable bandages and flushable stool collector are following suit.”