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Funding Support for Businesses Looking to Implement Efficiency Improvements – Deadline October 2014

Monday 1 December 2014

The Resource Efficient Scotland Programme, delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, is offering funding support during 2014/15 to support Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs) who wish to implement resource efficiency improvements within their organisations.

It is recognised that while organisations understand the benefits of resource efficiency, they often do not take action, lacking both time and money to make the necessary changes. This fund has therefore been designed to help organisations overcome these barriers through the provision of funding to pay for new personnel or the redeployment of existing personnel as a short-term skilled resource to undertake a particular project with a focus on raw materials use, waste prevention, energy use and/or water use.

We also welcome applications from organisations such as Business Improvement District management organisations wishing to work with groups of businesses to address these issues.

The Resource Efficient Scotland programme will provide a maximum of £20,000 to fund a short term skilled resource position. Up to 100% of the costs will be available, subject to any de minimis restrictions (see below). Any costs incurred above the maximum award value will be the responsibility of the applicant.

The programme will operate under the de minimis (EC) Regulation No 1998/2006 which currently allows the provision of financial support of up to €200,000 per company within a three year fiscal period. Different thresholds apply to organisations within specific economic sectors, most particularly agriculture, fisheries and road freight transport for which the ceiling is €15,000, €30,000 and €100,000 respectively. The exchange rate conversion to £ sterling will be relevant to the date any offer letter.

Successful applicants to the fund will be able to demonstrate that they have already made a commitment to making environmental improvements within their organisations, and can provide evidence to support this.

The final deadline for applications is 5pm on 31st October 2014.  All project spend must be completed and requests for payment made by 31st March 2015. Funding applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, and scored against evaluation criteria as outlined in the guidance document. You do not need to wait until final deadline date to submit your application, the funding programme is now open to applications and due to the finite budget early submissions are highly recommended.

Applicants should be aware that Zero Waste Scotland will monitor and evaluate the success of all projects that receive funds. Applicants must be prepared to provide access to the project data, which may be used to prepare press releases and best practice case studies to encourage replication of the delivery model across Scotland.  In addition, applicants will be required to submit monthly reports on progress in order to receive the allocated funding.

How to apply:

Download the application formThe  and guidance document by registering your details below. Once completed, please send an electronic copy to Anna Graham
For project enquiries please call: Anna Graham, Tel: 01786 433981, or send your enquiry to

Please quote BRS015-000 in all correspondence.

What will happen next?

Funding applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, and scored against evaluation criteria as outlined in the guidance document. The final deadline for applications is 31st October 2014 and projects and all spend must be completed by 31st March 2015.  Zero Waste Scotland aims to provide a panel decision to all applicants within 10 days of receipt of a completed application form.