Fife Fabrication Invests

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Fife Fabrication (FiFab) has made its biggest ever investment in over 46 years in business, taking the total investment in the site to over £2.6million in the last five years.

Its most recent purchases are a Tru Laser 5030 Fibre and a punch machine (Tru Punch 5000), which master every task with reliability and high productivity, bringing efficiency and high-quality results.

The machinery will be fully integrated into an automated material handling system and is estimated to be up and running at FiFab’s Glenrothes facility by the end of January (2019).

John Penman, Managing Director, FiFab, said: “It is often highlighted that the UK lags the rest of the world in terms of investment and automation. This further investment by the management team here at FiFab reinforces our beliefs in the manufacturing sector’s ability within the UK to be best in class.”