Fie Council

Fife ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme

Monday 1 December 2014

• ECO Stars is a free scheme, commissioned by Fife Council to encourage fleet operators – of all sizes - to improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions – to help improve local transport related air quality.

• When joining, members have their vehicles and overall fleet rated by industry experts to assess their current performance – both operational and environmental – and achieve an ECO Stars rating between 1 and 5. A bespoke “road map” is then produced containing tailor-made guidance to help improve the efficiency of their fleet.

• Member types cover all types of vehicle fleets – specialist logistics companies, bus and coach, vans, public sector and other companies where distribution or commercial transport forms part of their business.

• ECO Stars was originally set up in 2009 in South Yorkshire and has since expanded to run in York, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Mid Devon, Nottinghamshire, Thurrrock, Dundee, North Lanarkshire, Warrington, Sefton with new schemes now launching in Scotland.  Fife is being joined by Glasgow and South Lanarkshire shortly.

• There are also further schemes in Europe as part of an EU project.

• ECO Stars for taxis (and private hire vehicles) is a complementary scheme. It was piloted in Mid Devon, and the first full scale scheme is commencing in Dundee shortly.

• As of the end of September Fife ECO Stars has 19 members recruited from commercial fleets operating across Fife and Scotland representing 2309 vehicles. Fife Council’s own fleet is naturally the first official member with more than 1200 vehicles signed up to the scheme – the biggest single member in Scotland to date.

• ECO Stars is managed on behalf of local authorities by specialist transport consultants, Transport and Travel Research Ltd.

How do I sign up?  Download the full leaflet here  Call the ECO Stars Team on 01543 416416 or Email: and quote “Eco Stars Fife”.