Balindore Classic Design

Balindore Classic Design Gets A Royal Commission

Friday 29 March 2024

Craig MacNiven, an ex-dairy farmer from New Zealand made his life in Fife near Cupar in 1989, as his parents were born in St Andrews and he wanted a complete change.  He soon ran his own successful logging business before his extraordinary carpentry talents unfolded - then Balindore Classic Design was born. He supplied bespoke, high quality dining chairs, tables and beds to upmarket hotels in the area before he was commissioned to supply a gun box to an Edinburgh Smoked Salmon producer. That was the start of Balindore’s main customised product range. Although Craig can still produce anything from gift boxes to fine furniture on request, the stylish sporting boxes have really taken off with orders from prestigious clients worldwide, including Royalty. They are exquisitely carved and inlaid, often within beautiful walnut. 

Craig has been working with business growth adviser, Alasdair Busby from Business Gateway Fife. Alasdair commented, “I have worked with Craig since 2015 and have always been hugely impressed with his talents as a top-quality cabinetmaker. In recent times this has been recognised with the highest levels of royal commissions, which is hardly surprising, given the exquisite nature of his products.  Business Gateway Fife has supported his business evolution with digital and trade show support and our latest grants offers Balindore the chance to consider suitable net zero improvements as we all strive for zero carbon emissions.”

Craig added, “I have been so grateful for the support from Alasdair and Business Gateway Fife.  I would not have been able to attend shows like the IWA Outdoor Classics and the Dallas Safari Club without the incredible support.  These shows have really lifted the profile of the business overseas and I have made many new contacts as a result.”

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