Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Steps You Can Take

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27 Feb

  • Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Steps You Can Take

  • When: 10:00 - 11:30

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What should I expect attending this event?

The workshop will begin with a brief outline of gender inequality in the workplace. This will include:


- Understanding what inequality looks like

- Identifying where to focus your time and resources

- Roles within the business

- How to track success


It will also discuss Close the Gap’s work with IoD Scotland on the role that directors and leaders play within the gender pay gap issue.


The webinar will support employers’ capacity to take practical and impactful steps to tackle key gender inequalities in their organisation and advised of the business benefits that come with improved employment practice.


The content of the workshop will include discussion of real-life case studies of what successful companies are doing correctly.


Our event will finish with a Q&A session.

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