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Todd Fisheries Technology
Company Name: Todd Fisheries Technology
Company Contact: Dr Keith Todd
Sector: Manufacturing

A Fife business plans to make waves in the seafood industry with its innovative shellfish transportation system.             

 'The Lobster Pod,’ has been devised by husband and wife team Errin and Dr Keith Todd, of Todd Fisheries Technology, who between them have over 40 years’ experience in aquaculture and the fisheries sector.  They approached Business Gateway Fife for advice and support on taking their revolutionary product to market, Errin said: “I can’t praise Business Gateway Fife highly enough. Our Business Adviser, Alasdair Busby, fully understood our ambitions from the first meeting and has been a constant source of support and advice.

“From coaching me before pitches to sharing his wealth of sales and marketing experience and signposting sources of funding available, he’s been invaluable. “We received assistance from the Fife Investment Fund, which enabled us to purchase office equipment and marketing materials, allowing us to exhibit at Aquaculture 2014, where we met lots of potential clients.” The Lobster Pod is a patent-pending live shellfish transportation system which increases survival rates to 100%, and could have big implications on the global export of shellfish. “The average mortality rate for shellfish during export is currently 15% although with our system it has been proven to shrink to zero.  “We use filtered and chilled water, with only 1 ton of water needed for 4 tons of live shellfish. This is a reverse on the current 4 tons of water per 1 ton of shellfish, which means that the shellfish are less stressed during transit and so taste is improved.

“For a 40 tonne heavy goods vehicle (HGV) the savings on one trip would be £12,000 in losses alone and the client would see a return on investment after just 8 trips,” said Errin. 

Errin has worked as a consultant in the fisheries sector for 12 years, while Keith, a marine biologist, has spent 28 years working within aquaculture and fisheries science. 

“Last summer I was undertaking a feasibility study, which involved speaking with fishermen all over Scotland. I noticed a positive feeling in the industry, and realised that fishermen were once again looking to invest in new equipment,” said Errin.

Keith and Errin are currently working to secure investment in advance of the scheduled launch of the Lobster Pod at the Seafood Expo in Brussels next year.

“The seafood industry is focused on quality and provenance and so this is at the heart of everything we do.  We want the manufacturing to be done in Scotland and we‘re lucky to have the biggest fibre glass manufactures right on our doorstep, in Glenrothes.  “The support that we’ve had so far has been exceptional, particularly from Business Gateway and Entrepreneurial Spark. They have provided us with excellent mentors who believed in the idea from day one and have helped drive us forward.”

Alasdair Busby, Business Adviser, Business Gateway, said: “The Lobster Pod is an innovative product that has the potential to make a big impact. We are working with Keith and Errin to develop their business by recommending Todd Fisheries Technology for growth services and I look forward to continuing to work with them as this exciting venture takes off.”

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