Revolutionary animal health products launched by Fife company

Lyte Products produce results in the health, recovery and ongoing performance of horses and other animals
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  • Lyte Products
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  • Allan Grant
Anstruther-based Lyte Products has launched a revolutionary range of advanced and clinically proven wound and infection therapies for animals. With experts believing that antibiotic resistance in animals will pose a major risk in the future, the company has created products that mirror an animal’s immune systems, working naturally with its body. The liquids have been formulated to rapidly kill over 50 known bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens in animals, helping to prevent the overuse of antibiotics. Lyte Products was created by farmer and entrepreneur, Allan Grant. He said:  “For many years I was looking for a natural chemical-free alternative to antibiotics and disinfectants for my livestock. I couldn’t find anything that could meet my needs. “I came across the work of leading academic, Professor Darren Reynolds from Bristol University and his work in the application of novel antimicrobials for bio-control and biological decontamination in animals. I took the fundamentals of this revolutionary science and created a range of antibacterial liquids specifically formulated for the individual health needs of animals.” Lyte Products is already producing outstanding results in the health, recovery and ongoing performance of horses and livestock throughout the country; including professional horses competing at the highest levels as well as champion livestock breeders – helping them recover from serious illness and remain at peak performance. In establishing the business, Lyte Products has received business support from Business Gateway Fife, specifically relating to its business strategy, as well as Expert Help marketing assistance, and Digital Boost funding to finalise its online shop (  download general brochure