How Business Gateway Helped Andrew Build His Fabby Business

  • Company:
  • The Fabby Furniture Company
  • Contact:
  • Andrew Traub

When Andrew Traub was looking to start his furniture upcycling business in 2013, the former Celtic and Clyde footballer looked to Business Gateway Fife to help get The Fabby Furniture Company moving.

“It was always an ambition of mine  to start and run my own business, and I am so glad that I did,” said Andrew.

“Starting and growing any venture presents many challenges but the support from Business Gateway Fife has been fantastic.

Their free seminars and one to one advice helped me get my head around a range of business issues and my adviser also helped me secure a Create in Fife grant, which has allowed me to really develop the business.“

We now have over 18,000 followers on Facebook, and our 1,500 sq ft studio in Kinross is getting busier every week as more and more customers look to us to transform their old, unwanted pieces of furniture into desirable objects.“

We have big plans for The Fabby Furniture Company and we will certainly be looking to Business Gateway again as we grow the business.”

If you would like to find out how Business Gateway Fife can support your business, please contact us on 01592 858333 or email