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Completing a HypnoBirthingTM course gave Carly Greig the tools she needed to have a more natural and calmer second labour. Inspired by her own experience, she gained a range of qualifications and launched ...with Carly in Crossgates. The business aims

to help soon-to-be mums and new mums get the most out of pregnancy, labour and the early months following birth.

How and why did you start in business?

A couple of things have led me down this path. Being a mum-of-two, I had experienced a very long, tough labour the first time so undertook HypnoBirthingTM for my second. I had started my career as a Quantity Surveyor and moved on to a buyer role but following my second maternity leave I re-evaluated my life and undertook the relevant training.

How did you get to where you are today?

I have spent many hours undertaking the best training so that I am able to offer a range of professional services. It was expensive and time consuming but worthwhile. Business Gateway Fife has provided so much support and I have greatly benefited from many of its free workshops, including advertising & promotion and social media workshops. My adviser, Marissa Yassen, gave such good advice, in a very friendly way, all of which has been invaluable. During my application for funding, Marissa gave lots of guidance on writing a business plan and helped me complete a financial forecast. Which undoubtedly helped me access the £200 “Will it work” grant and a £500 start-up grant not to mention all the support and information she shared on how to register as a sole trader as well as my tax and NI responsibilities.

Who has helped you along the way?

I have many people to thank, including the knowledgeable instructors who conducted the training I have received. I am very lucky to have family and friends who have been very supportive and willing to help in many different ways.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

I have a lot of excellent reviews which I am so grateful for and proud of and I have received two fantastic awards: Lux Parent and Baby Awards: Maternity Hypnotherapy Specialist of the Year (Scotland) and Best Baby Massage Therapist (Scotland). I’m so proud to have received these.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Keep on promoting and building my business - having happy clients with contented babies is so rewarding. I also hope to encourage more mums to come to my HypnoMothering® class which teaches mothers easy and fast techniques to make the most of limited sleep, keep calm and balanced on challenging days, and find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings they face following the birth of a child.

What is the hardest thing about running your own business?

Being a mum myself with two girls who have lots of extra-curricular activities, the hardest thing is time management. Also, as my classes run from my home – my housework can’t lapse. The hoover is always close by!