The Daisy Foundation Kinross & Dunfermline

The Daisy Foundation Kinross & Dunfermline


Antenatal and Baby Classes in Fife.


 We offer a range of services including:


 Daisy Birthing® which is an all-encompassing active birth preparation programme focusing on you rather than the plan, on your confidence rather than your preferences, and on preparing for a positive birth – whether that is a natural home birth or a planned caesarean section and everything in between.


Daisy Birthing is about you, your choices, your confidence and helping you to prepare in your own way.


 Daisy Baby is a unique, all-inclusive combination of positive touch, movement, education and support. Our uniquely integrated class for mum and baby where baby massage, baby yoga, reflexology and calming techniques are delivered alongside educational themes which will be relevant to the developmental milestones. Classes progress from our rhythmic and relaxing Tinies on to the colourful and lively Wrigglers. In your Daisy Baby class you will both benefit from massage and yoga, engaging in songs and rhythm for your baby whilst also benefitting from your own movement, gentle stretchesand awareness of posture. These progressive mum and baby classes are delivered over 6-week terms and are available from 6 weeks post-birth.


Your Daisy Baby classes will cover a combination of:


• Baby massage and baby yoga


• Infant education and support


• Calming and soothing methods


• Meeting local new mums


• Yoga based movement for mum


Daisy baby is unique in its methodology, offering the convenience of having multiple needs met in one multi-purpose class. Infant development education and demonstrations of techniques to calm, soothe, stimulate or respond to your baby are delivered effortlessly alongside the stretch, movement and relaxation for both of you.