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Pursuing Excellence

12th January 2012

What are your business goals? Are they trully aspirational? Do they excite you ? Do they excite your team? Do they include excellence?

If your answer is yes, then you have a great chance of success, if it's no - why bother?

For over 30 years Tom Peters has been talking about excellence, change and business aspirations.  He's still talking about it, because as he says ' we are not all there yet'.  His release of over 30 years of presentations is taking place from this month onwards on his website   Watch his videos and read his blogs, his knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm are constant, as yours needs to be to push forward your business to continued success.

To develop and grow a business requires change to be at the centre of it.  Adapt to new markets, new products, new media, new customers, new systems, new staff.............  No business owners are in that role unless they were willing to take risks, it's important that the willingness to try new ideas, fail, try again, succeed is not lost in the daily grind of running a business. 

Use your friends, your staff, your customers to support you in that drive for aspirational goals, use your professional advisers and distant friends like Tom Peters to keep you enthused.

Pursuing excellence makes getting up in the morning worthwhile!