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Skills for the Workplace

Are young people fit for work in SME's

17th August 2011

A report in the Guardian once again highlighed the gap between school and university graduates and the needs of SME's. Is it time that we started to ask a different question?  What are we as SME's doing to ensure new employees learn on the job?  When did it become the norm that someone had to be able to fully understand and carry out a role prior to being in it?

We as SME's need to ensure we provide the  correct induction training to allow young people and graduates learn how to best undertake the work which is required.  The skills needed in the workplace can often only be learned in the workplace. Rather than criticising young people for their lack of skills, we need to be offering them the opportunity to learn with us.

How many SME's offer job placements, workplace tours or even speak to their local schools and colleges?  The buck stops with us, we must prepare ourselves to be fit to take on school leavers and graduates and offer them a chance to shine.