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Take Business Back to Basics

Reminding Ourselves of What's Important

28th July 2011

Getting back to basics and simplicity are terms being used more and more in business these days. They are topical subjects in management and leadership publications and courses.  Understanding the  core offering of your business, the skills needed to provide it and the inherant customer needs play crucial roles in ensuring business success. 

In business start up the barrage of terminology, guides, plans and support available has drawn us away from ensuring that all aspiring business owners are reminded of the fundamental aspects.  The best idea, the highest quality product or the most effective production system will not alone guarantee success.

All business start ups need to pay attention to the skills of the business e.g. engineer, designer, hairdresser but they also need to understand and deal with the business skills e.g. selling, marketing and managing finance. Successful 'entrepreneurs' are only so because they usually have someone else dealing with what they consider the mundane aspects of business, leaving them to create and innovate. 

We should all be asking ourselves 'are we dealing with the basics?'