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Quality policy

Quality Policy

Business Gateway Fife is wholly committed to achieving the highest level of customer and client satisfaction through provision of services which consistently meets or exceeds the customer and client expectations.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Meeting contractual obligations through delivery to our clients of appropriate advice, seminars, business skills training, workshops, business information, signposting and consultancy.
  2. Implementation and communication of a quality policy to all employees with the support of the management team.
  3. Total company commitment to operate, monitor and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality system, through analysis of data, audit, corrective, preventative actions and management review
  4. Ensuring that all personnel are aware of their obligations and responsibilities within the QMS and that they are trained, qualified and competent, dedicated to providing a courteous effective efficient service.
  5. Setting and reviewing meaningful quality objectives.
  6. Ensuring that customer satisfaction and client support are of the highest importance and regularly monitored and reviewed.