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Employability Programmes

Employability Programmes

Welfare to work – our work programme

We are passionate about creating a culture of enterprise and stimulating the economy through supporting people off welfare support and into self employment. 

Business Gateway Fife has a well-established and productive partnership with Enterprise Mentoring. Enterprise Mentoring has an unrivalled track record of delivering often life-changing results for people on New Deal for Disabled People, Workchoice and other areas of support for disadvantaged to access self-employment as an option to Welfare. 

Together we have shared experience supporting clients across Scotland and within the full range of benefits and disadvantage.

Business Gateway Fife has particular expertise working with the long-term unemployed, lone parents, 50+ and those with health conditions. Our delivery model has been particularly successful in helping clients sustain long-term self employment. 

Presently, we hold contracts to deliver Training for Work into self-employment in Fife and Lanarkshire. 

Recently, Business Gateway Fife was successful in accessing funding from HMRC to support “needs-help” self-employed individuals with tax-related matters. This provides support on registering with HMRC and completing tax returns, applying for and complying with reporting requirements on Working Tax Credits and support is offered throughout Scotland and the North of England.