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Develop your business

Developing business

Business Gateway Fife can help you achieve the best for your business. Are you looking to grow and seek new business and enter new markets? Do you need to broaden the skills of your management team? Are your leadership skills appropriate for your stage of business? Do you need to refinance the business?

If any of these questions apply to you, Business Gateway Fife can help you move forward. There is a range of support which can be accessed to help you, this includes:

  • Developing business strategy
    What and how your business is going to develop in the future. With support from an experienced business advisor, by using Business Gateway tools such as a growth action plan, assessing your current performance and helping you to set your vision, your strategy can be created.
  • Business Planning
    Assistance to address your strategy, define the requirements such as markets, internal resources, equipment etc and create a robust narrative to support financial projections.
  • Financial Forecasting
    Help to create or update financial projections such as cashflows, P&L and balance sheets for use in accessing funding or for internal decision making within your businesss.
  • Sourcing Finance
    Finding grants, loans or external investments suited to your current and future requirements.
  • Marketing
    Understanding your current market, new markets, how to reach customers, market development programmes and supplier development programmes. Using traditional and new media.
  • Exporting
    Accessing expert help, linking to Chamber of Commerce services and understanding the markets.
  • Product development
    Referral to and support to work with design experts, funding for innovation and intellectual property advice.
  • Management skills
    Support to develop your skills or those of your team. To ensure you have the resources and knowledge to deal with market and legislative changes affecting your business.
  • Leadership
    Understanding the difference between leadership and management. Developing your self awareness and leadership skills. Giving and receiving feedback for personal development.
  • Business Improvement Techniques
    Looking at LEAN techniques and expertise to save time, resources and costs in your business.
  • HR & Employment Legislation
    Access to expertise on your legal obligations to staff.
  • Staff development
    How to support and develop your team to ensure business success.
  • Quality Assurance/Health & Safety
    Referral to Quality or H/S experts to advise on your policies, processes and requirements to ensure you comply with current legislation.

Business GatewayBusiness Gateway is Scotland’s national information, advice and training service. It can help anyone who wants to start a business, whether you are an experienced entrepreneur with a high growth potential business or are new to business and want to run something that fits with your family’s needs. The Business Gateway website has a range of information covering all aspects of business start up, such as business planning, market research, and finance. A range of locally-based training courses on what to do and how to tackle business start up is also available.

Locally-based Business Gateway Business Advisers are also available to help you understand the process of start-up and to guide you to the set-up of a successful business.

To find out more, contact us on 01592 858333

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Contact 01592 858333 to make an appointment to see an adviser.