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Growing Women's Businesses

Calling Female Entrepreneurs

July 2012

Over the past twenty years, there has been a dramatic change in the number of women starting up in business and sustaining that business.  At the present time around 40% of start ups in Fife and in Scotland are women owned and led.  This should not be a surprise in the 21st Century when women make up over 50% of the working age population.  It's simply another work option for those with the need, desire or skills to do their own thing.

What is a surprise is that in the same period, the number of growing businesses led or owned by women has not increased signifiantly.  Fewer than 1% of growing business are owned by women.  Research carried out by various academic institutions, banks and consultancies confirms that women are not lacking skills, confidence or the desire to grow.  This may have been the case twenty years ago but a whole new generation of women who have different expectations are now in the adult population. 

So what's gone wrong?  The UK Government is currently supporting, training and mentoring for volunteers who can use their business expertise and mentoring skills to support more women to set up and grow their businesses. Known nationally as the Get Mentoring scheme, training for mentors who will specifically work with women entrepreneurs in Scotland is being delivered by a team of specialists experienced in working with women entrepreneurs.

If you run a business or want to help other women to succeed, contact Business Gateway Fife on 01592 858339 for more information.