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TV Viewing Policy Guide for Businesses

TV Licensing has created a guide to help businesses communicate their policy for watching television on their premises.

The guide on TV in the workplace, entitled ‘The policy on watching TV at this address’, can be downloaded and printed from TV Licensing’s website: to be completed and displayed. The guide can be adapted to suit any location – whether viewing is allowed or not. It is designed to clarify where, when and how staff can watch live TV at work.


A business licence costs £145.50. Organisations with one premises need a single TV Licence to cover all TVs used at the site. A single licence covers all devices used at a single site – including TVs, laptops, computers, mobile phones and DVD/VHS recorders.


A TV Licence is needed for watching or recording any programme as it is shown on television, so viewing programmes as they are broadcast live at work will mean the business needs to be licensed to avoid risking breaking the law, a prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.


To check if a business is correctly licensed log on to