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Ten out of Ten for Lifetime Photography

Top wedding photographer Rob Thomson has notched up another milestone in his meteoric rise as one of Scotland’s best wedding photographers.

The 49 year old snapper, originally from Kennoway, has just celebrated 10 years in business after setting up Lifetime Photography in Kirkcaldy in 2006 and it all began with the birth of his first child.

‘Becoming a father 17 years ago I started photographing people for the first time and people who saw my portraits asked me to shoot their weddings but I already had a job at Diageo in Leven so I had to make a decision. I went to college and juggled it with my full time job as a process operator, working with sweetened products like Pimms, Malibu and Smirnoff, which I really enjoyed. After college I made my life changing decision and jumped into full time professional photography and bought the then derelict premises that became Lifetime Photography in Kirkcaldy High Street, turning it around in less than 4 months.’

Rob admits that the first few years were exceptional but then the downturn hit and along with it some hard times.

‘In 2008 the recession hit our business and sadly I had to lay off staff but I continued on my own and then the wedding business picked up again and when I won an award for my technical skills in 2010 it coincided with an upturn in the business’.

Rob’s approach to wedding photography makes him stand out from the competition and his unique ability to make people feel at ease earned him The Vows Scottish Wedding Photographer of the year Award in 2014.

‘The Vows Award is purely based on customer feedback so for us it’s the perfect endorsement for us. On one hand we’ve won an award for our photographic skills and on the other we have an award voted by our wedding clients for our customer care.’

When asked what makes the perfect wedding photographer, Rob gives a wry smile

‘Someone who can operate under pressure, adaptability and someone who is always looking creatively, we’re always looking for the alternate shot but without having too much of an impact on the couple at the time. It’s not a photo shoot but it’s a fine line. People want to be relaxed and enjoy their day but they don’t want it to be all about the photography.’

Rob now has a team around him and he admits that he has some real up and coming talent helping to grow the business and he also believes that the High Street is still the place to have a wedding Photography premises. 

‘I tried doing it all from home but I didn’t think it was very professional. I wouldn’t criticize other photographers for doing it but I feel that to operate at our level in the business we need a shop window and we love meeting our clients here. Speaking of clients I have to say a huge thank you to them for making the business what it is now. ’

With 10 years of experience behind the lens Rob is keen to train the next generation of great wedding photographers.

‘I’ve got a committed and passionate team here at Lifetime and I’m working with one of our full timers, Rachel Gillies who has a background in design and is now shaping up to be one of the talented new generation of wedding photographers so it’s very exciting for us.’