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Tayport Distillery’s Scots Pine Gin Wins Silver At The IWSC Awards

Tayport Distillery Gin
Tayport Distillery releases the first Scots Pine Gin and it receives great praise at the International Wine and Spirits Council gaining a Silver Award. Tayport Distillery’s Scots Pine Gin is their second gin expression offering gin drinkers a spiced alternative to their award-winning Wild Rose Gin. Here is what the judges had to say;
‘Think cake spice of gingerbread and nutmeg with a slight chilli heat on the palate, this is an intense and extremely aromatic gin with depth and a complex, long finish.’
Inspired by the distillery location next to Tentsmuir Forest, Scot’s Pine Gin was created with the intention of evoking memories of a walk through the forest with the addition of a spicy edge.   The cassia and orange peel give it a moreish taste which is accentuated when combined with ginger ale. Here are the eight botanicals used to create the gin;
Juniper, Scot's Pine, Coriander, Cassia, Cardamom, Orange Peel, Angelica and Almond
Alasdair McDougall, 24 years old and son of Director and Distiller, Kecia McDougall, developed the recipe for 6 months before Tayport Distillery released the gin in January 2021. Alasdair foraged the Scots Pine locally and experimented with six different recipes before committing to the final award winning gin. The gin is made in a London Dry Style, which gives it a premium edge - steeping the botanicals for 24hrs before distilling which emphasises the deep evergreen undertone.
Here is what Alasdair had to say; ‘ I am really pleased with the outcome of a Silver Award from a globally respected awards agency. This was my first mark on the Tayport Distillery roster of spirits and it has given me more motivation to continue developing more gins that are inspired by our surroundings.’  Kecia was thrilled by the award and said ‘Alasdair has a great palate and has worked hard to develop good tasting spirits. We are proud of his achievement and its nice to have the family grow in the craft distilling world’
Tayport Distillery looks forward to announcing the award on the 30th June 2021, as a family-owned and operated business we are extremely proud to be able to celebrate this award with Alasdair, and can not wait to experiment and release more limited edition gins into our collection of premium craft spirits. 
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