Taking Action to Prevent Litter and Flytipping in Fife

Thursday 9 November 2017

Fife Council is working in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland on a new initiative to tackle litter and flytipping and reduce its impact on the community.   Each year over 15,000 tonnes of litter are discarded in Scotland. This has a substantial impact on Scotland’s environment, economy and communities, and dealing with litter and flytipping costs more than £50 million a year in public money or around £1 million pounds per week. Our local economy and businesses also suffer from the effects of litter. A business’s reputation can be damaged when its products or packaging are the cause of littering, and littered streets reduce the popularity of local tourist spots.  To help change behaviours and attitudes towards litter and flytipping among their staff, customers, service users and volunteers, we would like to encourage all organisations and businesses across the area to get involved and develop a Litter Prevention Action Plan.These actions could be as simple as displaying litter prevention posters, following Zero Waste Scotland and Fife Council on social media and promoting litter prevention messages, storing waste correctly and making sure any external areas are cleared of litter. Participants will receive free expert advice, support and a range of tools to help develop their Litter Prevention Action Plans and will be encouraged to share their success with organisations across Fife. This work provides a unique opportunity for organisations across the public, private and third sectors to have a positive influence on Fife and to demonstrate commitment to the local environment and community. For more information and to order a starter pack, please visit: www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/litter-flytipping/prevention-action-plans