Off Road Motorbike Training

Ride Off Road Scotland Gets Into Gear

Friday 6 August 2021

Fife businessman, Kevin Murray, is taking his motorcycle training business to the next level by expanding his team to meet a steady rise in demand with a unique offering in the Scottish market.  With a fleet of user-friendly trail bikes, he is delivering off road training to complete novices and championship contenders alike, with clients ranging from aged three to 77, so far. The Ride Off Road Scotland business was launched in December 2019 and through securing various training venues and accommodation, Kevin can offer a variety of packages ranging from taster sessions to overnight packages over mixed terrain riding deep into Scottish forestry, with thrilling trails through valleys and up mountains to experience breathtaking scenery. Customers are in safe hands with Kevin, a past Scottish and British Champion with eight ISDE gold medals, he has been instructing and coaching for over 20 years, is an accredited motorsports coach and has helped write training courses for the sport’s National governing body, the SACU. Business Gateway Fife adviser, Shona Morrison, provided advice and support and connected Kevin with Opportunities Fife to help him take on an apprentice mechanic to look after the bikes, and a communication manager to handle queries and bookings.   Kevin commented: “With restrictions finally easing following the latest lockdown, demand has rocketed!  I need assistance to develop and expand the business to encourage and facilitate participation in the sport, from three year olds on electric bikes to retired thrillseekers on expensive adventure bikes, the variety of clients has been inspiring. We're now arranging school visits too as more young people take up motorcycling and need to be aware of the rules and responsibilities of owning a motorbike.” Kevin is hoping to inspire others to take on increasingly difficult challenges by training a complete novice (Tim Bradshaw) to race the toughest event in motorsport, the Dakar Rally, as part of a four-man team including Kevin himself, in 2023.  Kevin is keen to get more people into the sport, which he says “demands all of your focus and attention.  Riding a motorcycle is one of the rare occasions in life when you are completely absorbed in the moment, a refreshing and exhilarating experience that will leave you with a feeling of complete freedom.” For more information on Kevin’s business, check out Whether thinking of starting a business or looking to grow or sustain an existing business, contact Business Gateway Fife on 01592 858333 for a variety of advice and support.