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Our Experts' Insight

Our Experts' Insight section provides business owners with a bank of educational and informative articles from some of Fife’s leading consultancy practices and businesses intended to share their expertise and offer hints and tips to help you grow your business.

7 Legal Issues

Donna Reynolds, Partner,CCW Business Lawyers

The diet theme for 2015 is, if you want to be a healthier, happier version of yourself, change your lifestyle.


Why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work

Sean Kennedy, Marketing Manager,K2 Marketing

You must have heard the famous quote about marketing. The one that goes “I know that half of my marketing works. The trouble is I don’t know which half.” 

If the truth be told, it’s probably much less than half.. 

Not because marketing doesn’t work. But because companies fail to get to grips with the real purpose of marketing in their organisation. 

You see, unless you are a market leader with a massive marketing budget, marketing is not about awareness building. it’s not about creative ads that make you look good. 


A Supplier’s Checklist to Help Getting Paid on Time

Robin Millar,Young & Partners

In the current economic climate an increasing number of businesses are finding they are spending an increasing amount of their time chasing monies due to them. The impact of a wavering cashflow is becoming an ever growing challenge. This handy checklist will help you stay in control of getting paid on time.


Put the system into selling

Bruce Hamilton, Managing Director,SalesMap Ltd

Selling is a business discipline which is often misunderstood, feared or simply just expected to happen. However, no matter how wonderful the product, service or innovation is perceived to be, it still has to be sold! This article looks at the key elements of a successful sales system.