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Sound advice for your business, no matter what size it is

Stuart Robertson, Creative Director,Granite Creative Productions

Stuart Robertson of Granite Creative Productions

You’ve spent hours, if not years on the creation of your own business. You’ve agonised over your logo, the colour, the font, the style. 

Your business cards look smart, with your logo embossed and the easy URL stands out perfectly. 

Your website gleams, it’s just the right mix of passion from yourself and what it is your target audience needs to know. Your business is ready to open to the market place… 

But there’s one side to a business brand that is often over-looked and this can be costly…

What does your business sound like? 

If your biggest potential client calls you up after being intrigued by your striking logo, informed and engaged with your website and your IVR phone system kicks in with (no offence) Maureen from accounts voice on it because “she’s the friendliest voice in the office”, or the on-hold music is ghastly, too quiet, too loud or in fact nothing at all. What feeling do they have of your business now? 

After many years of working in radio, we know creating a brand sound for a client is essential. It’s your company logo, it’s style and ethos, but in audio form. With communication between businesses never being so important, why is one of the most common kinds of communication completely ignored? 

Audio Branding works!

If I were to play you a selection of short pieces of audio, I’m pretty confident you’d be able to tell me who the business was. 

Use the same sound, music, voiceover, style etc, and over time, just like your clients recognise your logo, people WILL recognise your brand, purely by how it sounds. 

So whether you’re creating a radio commercial, a brand video, presentation to new potential clients, new phone system, website, an app, training for employees, or what ever opportunity you see to market your brand… think about how your brand sound can strengthen your message.

As a new company to Fife, offering audio executions and more, Granite Creative Productions can help brand and communicate your business. Give us a call. 

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