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Our Experts' Insight

Our Experts' Insight section provides business owners with a bank of educational and informative articles from some of Fife’s leading consultancy practices and businesses intended to share their expertise and offer hints and tips to help you grow your business.

Five Things To Ask When Reviewing Your It Support

Different IT companies do things differently, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Improving Cash Flow

According to the Office for National Statistics, 90% of all failed businesses had some degree of cash flow problem. Lack of funds can have serious implications for businesses, from pressure from creditors for late payments to problems paying staff and other bills. In turn, cash flow problems can curtail a business’ ability to maximise timely sales while negotiating creditor payments takes away from the proper development of a business.


29 Ways to Stay Creative

Sean Kennedy, Marketing Manager,K2 Marketing

Creativity is essential in business. Whether its the way to communicate to your customers, the way you position your products, your use of social media or simply how you keep your employees, motivated, the search for new ideas and inspiration is never ending. But, for most people, being creative isn't something which simply happens.  It requires time, effort and commitment. So here are a few ways you could help yourself to be creative.


Sound advice for your business, no matter what size it is

Stuart Robertson, Creative Director,Granite Creative Productions

You’ve spent hours, if not years on the creation of your own business. You’ve agonised over your logo, the colour, the font, the style. 

Your business cards look smart, with your logo embossed and the easy URL stands out perfectly. 

Your website gleams, it’s just the right mix of passion from yourself and what it is your target audience needs to know. Your business is ready to open to the market place… 

But there’s one side to a business brand that is often over-looked and this can be costly…