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Lead with WES (Women’s Enterprise Scotland)

Women’s Leadership Development programme at  Enterprise Hub Fife
Women’s Enterprise Scotland, working in partnership with Fife Council Economic Development, are to deliver the upcoming women’s leadership development programme at the Enterprise Hub Fife.
The "Lead With WES" programme is designed for women business owners wishing to lead their business through growth to become a sustainable, high performing organisation.
The programme aims to help businesswomen increase their confidence in leadership by enabling them to strategically analyse their business against their vision for the future by helping them to develop, implement and evaluate strategies to grow their business using models and tools.
In addition, the course will help attendees identify their own leadership style and develop their leadership and management skills to fully embed their learning in their business.


We would expect participants of the programme to:
  • Identify their business growth goals and objectives
  • Strategically analyse their business
  • Create their own business strategy and plan for growth
  • Develop their leadership and management skills
  • Implement their plan for growth
  • Evaluate their own performance and plan for sustainable growth


A blended learning approach will be used to ensure that everyone’s learning needs and preferences are catered for.  By blending the use of workshops and online content, you will be able to both work on and in your business during the programme.
Four, one-day workshops are scheduled to allow face to face training, facilitated group discussions and sharing of experiences. The workshops will focus on equipping you with the skills and knowledge required to implement what you learn in your business.
All workshops will take place at the new Enterprise Hub in Glenrothes from 10am – 4pm.



The first session will allow participants to build their vision of what growth and success looks like for them in the context of their business and their life. We will enable the businesswomen to set growth goals and articulate their visions.
  • Using models to aid organisational design and development
  • Analyse your business structure to check for governance and agility
  • Align your business strategy, people and processes to your values and mission


Whether you have a large team or are a sole trader, we’ll look at leadership styles and communication skills to enable you to communicate assertively and with confidence. We’ll work with you to create your own personal development plan to build your confidence in leadership.
  • Build on communication and motivation skills to lead a team or work with stakeholders
  • Understand how to develop your leadership skills and adapt your leadership style
  • Communicate clearly, assertively and with confidence with all levels of your organisation


Drawing on research from the fields of management, neuroscience and psychology, we’ll look at how to manage change effectively.
  • How organisational culture impacts change
  • Tools and models to manage change effectively
  • Communicating and motivating for change


We’ll help you put all of the knowledge and skills from earlier sessions together to develop your own action plan for growth.
  • Develop an action plan for growth
  • Implement your plan within your business
  • Evaluating performance and sustaining growth

Online Portal

Participants will have access to a digital portal where they can access materials to support their learning such as reading lists, downloadable models and frameworks, case studies and course materials.

Facebook Group

The private Facebook group is an integral part of the programme. It will contain updates and ideas, links to the course materials and it's how we will help you actually implement the content from the course. It will provide peer to peer support and accountability.
Both the online portal and discussion group will be supported for a year.

To Book

Call Business Gateway Fife on 01592 858333