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Kick start your Sustainable Travel 2017

Is your organisation looking into reducing the number of cars travelling to your site?   Are you about to relocate your business premises? Are you in the midst of recruitment or just looking to advise your staff on travelling sustainably?

Who we are and how we can help

SEStran, the Regional Transport Partnership for the South East of Scotland, are keen to promote greener transport modes across the Region.  We aim to achieve this through supporting Travel Planning, which focuses on reducing the number of single occupancy car journeys, particularly large employers where maximum impact can be achieved.

Travel Plan Support

SEStran has extensive experience in providing assistance to organisations in creating or implementing a Travel Plan.  A Travel Plan is a package of measures which helps employees and visitors to make sustainable travel choices.  Through the process, areas of improvement will become apparent and specific targets for each travel mode should be set.  SEStran can provide examples of best practice across the Region and from our European Project Partners.
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