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Kettle shines with sustainability award win

Kettle Produce’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that sustainability is at the forefront of its day-to-day operations has been recognised at the recent Fife Business Awards, where the company won the‘Success through Sustainability’ award.    

The award is given to the business which can best demonstrate clear links between improvements in their company’s performance and sustainable and environmental processes and practices.

On the award win, Head of Operations Robert Henderson said:

“We were absolutely thrilled to learn that Kettle Produce had won the ‘Success through Sustainability’ award – our first Fife Business Awards win!           

“Since we introduced ambitious environmental targets in 2008, Kettle Produce has worked tirelessly to make strong progress towards these goals. We are extremely pleased that this award acknowledges our continued commitment to helping the environment and having sustainability at the heart of our business ethos.”

Reflected in the award entry were the many significant changes that the company has undergone in order to improve its approach to its environmental impact and sustainability.

Some of the practical changes made and the results of these included:
• Adaptations to borehole water extraction methods - reducing water consumption by 42%
• The introduction of a flume system for more efficient product transportation
• Various equipment upgrades including chilling units and solar systems - generating a 28% reduction in energy consumption
• A steady 10% yearly reduction in landfill waste plus an agreement with the waste handler means that Kettle can now boast zero waste to landfill.

“As part of this sustainability drive, and our role as one of Fife Flyers community partners, Kettle Produce participates in school visits to help educate children on the health benefits and industry importance of fresh vegetables  We also provide ingredients through Fare Share for meals for members of society most in need.

“We consider ourselves and our growers as guardians of our lands for future generations, and want to ensure the environment can sustainably support our operations for years to come.

“Our Fife Business Award recognising these achievements will take pride of place in our offices!”

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