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The Business Gateway Ideas Bank provides business owners with the insight and expertise from some of Fife’s leading consultancy practices.

Put the system into selling

Bruce Hamilton, Managing Director,SalesMap Ltd

Selling is a business discipline which is often misunderstood, feared or simply just expected to happen. However, no matter how wonderful the product, service or innovation is perceived to be, it still has to be sold! This article looks at the key elements of a successful sales system.


Are you ready to export?

Anne Murphy, Export Specialist,Innovi Business Growth Ltd

It would be madness to run a marathon without the right shoes, clothing or training and you would no doubt laugh if i suggested you try it. So why do some companies who want to export fail to get themselves export ready? The following article should get you thinking about your readiness to export.


Making Time For Strategic Thinking

Ian Donaldson, CA , Partner ,Carters Accountants LLP

The biggest constraint for many business owners is their time. Those who make time to think strategically tend to punch above their weight. We know this intuitively, but operational issues can easily get in the way. This article shares 10 tips to transform your business performance through strategic thinking.


Make Sure Your Marketing Measures Up

Kenny Brogan, Director,Momentum Marketing Consultancy

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to understand what marketing activities work and what doesn’t work and where they should concentrate their efforts to get the most out of their limited marketing budget. This article looks at generating sales through marketing.