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How User & Environmentally Friendly is Your Current Pallet Wrapping Process?

Introducing grip® film, the new revolutionary self-gripping stretch film system which provides huge cost-saving, environmental and user-friendly benefits.
With so many stretch films on the market, we realise it can be very difficult for companies to decide on the right type of pallet wrap to securely ship and/or store goods.
A huge, yet often overlooked, factor to consider is how user-friendly the pallet wrapping process is. The NEW grip® system reduces back strain & injuries, increases load stability and will help you save on packaging waste & costs!
Because grip® has been specially created with an exclusive formula through an unrivalled manufacturing process, this unique stretch film is surprisingly strong and puncture-resistant, meaning that you will use less film, waste less & save on overall packaging costs. But most importantly, by reducing the amount of stretch film used, you will be reducing your company's carbon footprint & impact on the environment.
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