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Forth Replacement Crossing Project

Presentation Series – Friday 27 June 2014

Our new Presentation Series provides an in depth look at the construction of the Queensferry Crossing with an opportunity to hear from project engineers in detail about various aspects of the construction of the Queensferry Crossing and it’s connecting roads.

The programme for the day is as follows:

1000 Forth Replacement Crossing Project Overview and Update.

Get a full appreciation of why we’re building a new crossing, how we’re building it and how it’s going.

1130 Construction of the Queensferry Crossing Foundations.

The talk will describe the challenges of constructing the huge marine foundations, which support the towers and bridge piers of the Queensferry Crossing. It will explain the story of how these were successfully built in the turbulent waters of the Firth.

1300 The History of Crossing the Forth.

Hear all about previous attempts to cross the Forth, the social, commercial and industrial stimuli that drove the associated investment, and the fascinating engineering challenges involved in their construction.

1430 Forth Replacement Crossing Environmental Aspects.

Get a full appreciation of how the environment is considered on a project of this scale.

Each talk and presentation will last approximately 45 minutes with an opportunity for questions and discussions afterwards.

No booking is required but further information including location can be found on our website or by contacting