Fife Medical Herbalist Supports Mental Health and Food Banks with £5 Consults

Wednesday 13 January 2021

A Fife medical herbalist is reaching out to people in need during lockdown by offering online mini-consultations for a minimum donation of £5 to local foodbanks.  Keren Brynes MacLean says she isn’t able to offer in person consultations under lockdown, but she’s seen a marked rise in the need for help with mental health issues. “Offering a 15-minute Zoom session for a minimum of donation of £5 for others in need who have to use food banks seemed like a great way to help as many people as possible during these testing times when so many are strapped for cash. “These short sessions are for people with acute conditions who need to speak to medical herbalist for quick, immediate advice. Chronic conditions require a more in-depth consultation and should be booked in the normal way.” Keren, who owns the practice at Health Food and More in Kirkcaldy, added: “It’s unfortunate that the Scottish Government has decreed that medical herbalists cannot hold face to face consultations during lockdown except in exceptional circumstances, even though we have social distancing and PPE measures in place. “They seem not to realise that unlike bodywork therapists, we do not have to have physical contact with our patients. “However, we do what we can, and this lockdown offer will go some way, hopefully, to making sure people get the help they need at a very difficult time.  “The more people we help at the clinic via Zoom, the more money we can pass on to the food bank, so it’s a win-win.”   People can make an appointment by phone on 01592 566446 and pay online through the website