From Fife To Harrods – Feragaia Makes Its Debut

Monday 21 December 2020

Feragaia (/fe-ra-guy-a/), Scotland’s first alcohol-free spirit made from land and sea botanicals, has signed a meaningful supply contract with the world-renowned department store, Harrods.

The spirit, which launched just over a year ago and is based in Fife, is aimed at those opting for no or low alcohol brands. Bringing together 14 land and sea botanicals, Feragaia delivers a distinct and complex drink, making it the ideal accompaniment for a month of AF cocktails. Its launch on to Harrods’ shelves was made earlier this month (December), in time for Christmas, with initial sales reports positive.

Feragaia was introduced to a buyer from Harrods whilst exhibiting at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show in Glasgow in January. Its attendance in the new brands section of the event, was supported by Fife Council’s Economic Development Team as part of its Trade Development Programme.

Bill Garnock, Co-founder of Feragaia, said:

“Our inaugural year has not been without its challenges, but it is wonderful that a conversation I had in January at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show in Glasgow, has resulted in a supply contract with Harrods.

“Our bottles are sitting prominently in a five-star display, rubbing shoulders with other leading drinks brands. The initial response has been extremely positive and Feragaia is selling well! I can’t quite believe that we launched a year ago, and have endured the worst pandemic of recent years, but we’ve had this success. It’s what dreams are made of!”

Bill added:

“I was fortunate to receive support and assistance from Fife Council’s Trade Development Programme and Business Gateway Fife, which enabled me to attend and exhibit Feragaia at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show. Exhibitions and events like this are vital in seeking opportunities in new and existing markets, and ultimately, it was meeting a Harrods buyer there, that led to this significant opportunity.”

Other contacts and networks were developed at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show and Feragaia can also be found on many farm shops’ shelves across Scotland.

This momentum is being further developed as the brand grows and widens its reach. In January, it will employ a business development executive, whilst focusing on upscaling production and operations, which in turn will allow for Feragaia to focus on bolstering its domestic market, as well as explore export opportunities in the Middle East and North America.

Ann Camus, Enterprise and Business Development Manager at Fife Council, said:

“Feragaia is a fantastic example of a start-up business, which has benefited enormously from our Trade Development Programme. Attending exhibitions, which allow for the showcase of products and services, opportunities to meet buyers face to face, and to develop brand awareness, creates the opportunity to expand domestically as well as internationally. The opportunities are endless!”