Fife Council Procurement Service – Update

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Supplier Adoption

Fife Council is changing the way it buys goods and services.  A key element of these changes is the introduction of an Oracle e-procurement system as of 1st April 2014. Suppliers will receive orders, provide invoices and obtain answers to simple queries through this eProcurement system in a streamlined and efficient way.

How will this affect Fife Council suppliers?

• All orders will be issued via the e-procurement system and an order number will be automatically generated.

• Suppliers will receive orders for their goods or services automatically via e-mail.

• Suppliers will need to have internet access and an email address. For further information please contact Business Gateway Fife on 01592 858333 or email

• Suppliers should not provide goods and services without an official Fife Council order otherwise payment will be significantly delayed. 

• All invoices for goods, services and works provided will be sent to a central Fife Council email address.


What are the benefits?

• Managing orders through an e-procurement system will improve the accuracy of orders raised and reduce potential duplication.

• This should lead to improved speed of payment as invoice errors are reduced and invoices can be automatically matched to orders.

• The e-procurement system has a capability called “iSupplier” which enables the status of orders, receipts and invoices to be viewed via a website. iSupplier is free of charge to suppliers. There are no registration, transaction, maintenance or subscription fees.

What happens next?

1. To register for iSupplier, suppliers will need to provide Fife Council with an email address. Suppliers will then receive a unique username and password which will provide personal access to iSupplier.

2. The Council will work with suppliers to obtain catalogue information to upload onto the new e-procurement system, where appropriate, for ‘go live’ on 1st April 2014.

3. After 1st April 2014 Fife Council will continue to work with suppliers to ensure that the e-procurement system is operating smoothly and efficiently. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Fife Council via email: or by telep