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Fantastic Opportunity for Business Service Providers to Tender for Work

The success of Business Gateway Fife is due, in part, to the active partnerships held with local professional service organisations such as Accountants, Lawyers, Marketers and Consultant who work with us to offer specialist support to our clients through our Expert Help Programme and deliver Discretionery Training through the business events we offer.

However, as of October 2015, the way we work with our Expert Help and Training Providers will change.  Going forward, any suppliers of Specialist Business Advice, Business Support and Discretionary Training will now be required to tender via the Public Contracts Scotland website.

This means that not only will potential suppliers be required to tender for one or all of the above lots via the Public Contracts Scotland website but existing providers of these services will be required to submit a proposal also.

We are keen to maintain existing partnerships and are therefore urging all suppliers who have previously provided their services, to submit their proposal before the deadline of 15th October 2015.

Likewise, we are urging any potential suppliers who would like the opportunity to supply these services and can demonstrate their knowledge, capacity, experience and expertise, to submit their proposal too.  

For more details and the full ITT Framework document simply visit under the notice posted on 31st August 2015.

Those identified from this process will be required to professionally assist companies within the Fife region in their particular area of expertise. 

To register your interest and submit your proposal click here