The Evolution of the Species - Heil Farid becomes Farid Hillend Engineering

Thursday 18 August 2016

The Evolution of the Species

Heil Farid European Company Limited are pleased to announce that they will be launching their new corporate identity at this year’s RWM 2016 exhibition. The new identity, which is effective from 1st January 2017, comes about as a result of the agreement reached with Heil when the company was purchased.

In the words of Heil Farid’s Sales and Marketing director, Kevin Crowder, “the journey from Heil Europe to the new company is something akin to the ‘evolution of the species’.  We are proud to expand and explain this theory as follows:

”The Heil evolution began in 1901 in a small rented building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Julius P. Heil. His first garbage trucks (refuse collection vehicles) were built for the city of Milwaukee in the early 1900s. In 1971 Jack Allen (Sales & Service) Limited (JA) brought the Heil ‘garbage truck’ across the Atlantic and after modifications to suit the UK it soon became a UK market leader.

In May of 1973 the body manufacturing plant was opened in Hillend, (Dunfermline near Edinburgh) Scotland. Its original name was derived from an acronym of Heil – Hillend Environmental Industries Ltd (HEIL). Later the Dover Group (Heil owners at the time) and JA parted company allowing the newly named Heil Europe to further develop its products into Europe. After purchasing the manufacturing plant in Hillend in January 2013 and acquiring the sole rights to the Heil product in the UK and Europe the new company Heil Farid European Company Limited was formed.

The acquisition agreement obtained by Farid Industrie on behalf of the Heil Farid European Company Limited allowed the retention of the Heil company name and logo for a four year period. Hence, effective from 1st January 2017, the evolution ends with the company being renamed Farid Hillend Engineering Limited.

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