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Business Waste Management Facilities Available to Fife Businesses

business waste management

Are you aware of your obligations when it comes to your business waste management facilities? Want to find out more about what you need or should have put in place?

Resource Efficient Solutions (RES) offers an integrated resource management and environmental consultancy service and provide a range of economically and environmentally beneficial solutions in the face of increasing costs, rising energy demands and challenging environmental legislation.

Integrated Resource Management

RES offers an integrated Resource Management Service for businesses, with a range of services that can help you save time, improve your environmental performance and reduce your costs. They can provide containers for your waste, advice on compliance and alternative outlets or offer a Total Waste Management solution if required.  Services include:

  • Commercial collections
  • Skip hire
  • Waste Haulage
  • Total Waste Management solutions
  • Hospitality and events waste management

Resource Recovery 

With 2 Resource Management centres which aim to recycle and recover as much waste as possible prior to landfill, RES are centrally located close to the main road networks within Central Scotland and accept deliveries or they can collect from your site. Services include:
  • Energy from Waste
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Composting
  • Wood waste processing
  • Landfill


Environmental Consultancy

RES's environmental consultancy offers high quality services for the public and private sectors.  Their specialist areas include waste management, climate change and energy management.  Services include:

  • Audits and analysis for service benchmarking or to identify improvements
  • Improving Resource Efficiency through desktop reviews, strategy development and surveys and engagement
  • Environmental training for your employees or your customers
  • Programme and project management support
  • Communications


For more information about Resource Efficient Solutions Services head to their website or to find out more about your business obligations contact one of their advisers