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Enterprise Hub Fife Was The Right Move For ARRO Lighting

ARRO Lighting

When Aaron Andrews was looking for an office for his lighting business, he and his co-director, Ross Syme needed a private, professional space with excellent broadband where they could conduct national and international business.  Two and a half years on, they haven’t looked back, as the Enterprise Hub in Glenrothes has proved to be perfect for their business, ARRO Lighting and Events.

ARRO was founded by Aaron and Ross in 2014 with their combined 27-year experience and passion for creative lighting. Across the UK, they have produced and delivered a wide range of projects from Christmas illuminations, 3D mapping projections to collaborating with architects to deliver art and cultural lighting installations, permanent urban and landscape projects, with design, imagination and creativity at the forefront.

On having Enterprise Hub Fife as its base, Aaron commented: “We really needed to be able to have a private space and the right professional environment for our business. Our lighting is all sourced and manufactured in Spain to our designs, and it’s important that Ross and I can collaborate in the same space and have excellent broadband for our zoom calls to clients.”

Enterprise Hub Fife is designed to provide enterprising individuals, start-ups with growth aspirations and growing businesses, access to a unique facility which encourages collaboration and networking. This flexible workspace offers modern, professional and affordable offices together with adaptable events space, easily accessible co-working areas and private meeting rooms.

Following the success of their three-year Christmas Lighting project in the city of Dundee, where ARRO designed and supplied lighting on the main pedestrianised streets with the iconic comic characters of the Beano, and on other streets, the designs were inspired by Dundee’s maritime past, its city of design status and computer game influence, they have recently designed and supplied some new festive lights for Stirling’s City Centre influenced by 1950’s/1960’s nostalgia and based on the traditional and historical heritage of the city.  Aaron added:

“It’s a continuing passion of ours to be able to leave a legacy, wherever we install creations, not just provide off the shelf designs. We want visitors, tourists and residents alike to be able to immerse themselves in the narrative of the artworks that are relevant to the individual streetscapes.”

ARRO also received advice and support from Business Gateway Fife adviser, Stephen Mitchell, who was able to secure Expert Help for the business to support with Legal copyright and Contracts.

Whether thinking of starting a business or looking to grow or sustain an existing business, contact Business Gateway Fife on 01592 858333.

For more information about Enterprise Hub Fife, call Rachael on 0800 254 5200.

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