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All’s Well at Wellbeing Radio

Wellbeing Radio Fife
FIFE’S latest new radio station is going from strength to strength after a testing first year of operation while working through a major pandemic.
The brainchild of Scott Hutchison-McDade, Wellbeing Radio has flourished into an all-round hub of positivity with around 25 presenters working with Scott, talking about a wide range of specialist subjects, and having conversations for positive change. 
Based at Flexspace in Mitchelston, Kirkcaldy, he now operates the radio station there as well as the new Centre for Positive Change, featuring a yoga & wellbeing studio and therapy room.
Scott’s journey began after struggling with a long battle of depression and anxiety, while living in the United States and Philippines, managing multinational teams working in location photography.
Returning to the UK, Scott obtained his qualification in visual communications, before gaining his Yoga teaching qualification in Dublin, then launching into his new business. He has just been announced as a finalist in the highly acclaimed Health & Wellbeing Awards 2021, in the “Favourite Wellness Influencer” category. 
As a client of Business Gateway Fife, Scott accessed a package of support and advice including Digital Boost through Internet Creation which helped revamp his website.  He also received Expert Help on developing contracts and financial advice.  Scott commented,
“Quite honestly, the support was unbelievable. Digital Boost empowered us to do the work, to grow and expand.  We would not have had the courage to open the Centre for Positive Change without the knowledge and support of our incredible adviser, Marissa Yassen.  She is so inspiring.”
Marissa said: “Scott’s dedication, enthusiasm and hard work have paid dividends in the development of the radio station and wellbeing centre.  He has taken onboard all the advice and support he has been given and has sustained and grown as a result.”
Scott has a unique approach that draws on a fusion of ancient practices from different cultures and belief systems to form a systematic approach to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  He added, “We believe in the power of collective, harnessing technologies and creating an immersive, individual mind and body experience.  We hope to have created an urban sanctuary where people can disconnect from the outside world.” 
The next chapter for the business is the creation of a book, The Wellbeing Journal: A Guide for Positive Change, which is a collective from 20 authors on a variety of wellbeing topics, which will be published later this year.
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