Wednesday 15 April 2015

Fife Tourism Partnership (FTP) are looking for Fife businesses who are interested in providing discounts or offers which we can in turn, provide to golf fans who will be flocking to Fife for the 2015 Open Championship in St Andrews.

The offers would be presented via a booklet handed out at the Open Championship and can contain incentives such as 10% off purchases with a specific code or "buy two cups of coffee, get one free" etc. By engaging people with such codes, these attractive offers will hopefully lead to an increase in business activity throughout Fife.

Please let Fife Tourism Partnership know if you are interested by leaving them a message on their forum - website detials below - with your business name and what you would like to offer.

You will need to be registered to the Fife Tourism Partnership website to participate in the offer and to leave a message on the forum. You can do this by registering here.

If you are having problems registering or leaving a message, you can send your offer to john.murray-EP@fife.gov.uk or go to the website at www.fifetourismpartnership.org