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£5000 Available Through The Local Carbon Skills Fund

Low Carbon Skills Fund

The Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF) gives Scottish businesses with under 100 employees the opportunity to apply for up to £5000 towards employee training costs in areas such as renewable energy and low-carbon technologies, energy efficiency, waste management and re-use, and reducing carbon in supply and energy management.

We will refund up to 60% of employee training costs, up to a maximum of £1000 per employee.

1. Benefits of Low Carbon Skills Funding

An opportunity to further develop within your industry and help Scotland become more sustainable.

Eligible training includes:

•Renewable energy, low carbon technologies and microgeneration
•Energy efficiency, environmental and clean technologies
•Waste management and re-use
•Reducing carbon in supply and energy management.

2. Key criteria

To be eligible for this incentive your business needs to employ less than 100 people. You can receive up to a maximum of £5000 for training.

Further information on the application process can be found on the Skills Development Scotland website here

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