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Are you a professional service provider looking to gain new clients?  Then partnering with Business Gateway Fife as an intermediary could be right for you.

At Business Gateway Fife we aim to help as many Fife businesses as possible, which is one of the reasons we work closely with professional service companies such as accountants, lawyers, marketers and many more.

From experience, we know that working directly with professionals makes everyone a winner for these reasons:

  • The service provider is more informed of our services and can confidently refer their clients to Business Gateway Fife for additional support - Download our General Support Leaflet for more details
  • Clients of the intermediary will benefit from being referred to us by receiving our support services and accessing the financial packages we can offer
  • Business Gateway Fife can achieve its objective of supporting individuals and businesses to maximise their potential through targeted business advice and training

How else can we work together?

In addition to promoting your services to our clients and offering your customers other avenues through which to obtain support, working closely with Business Gateway Fife can offer your business the following opportunities:

  • Opportunity to submit an Ideas Bank article - You can establish yourself as a Thought Leader in your field and gain useful exposure by writing an article for our collection of educational and informative articles
  • Host or promote an event – As well as running our own events, Business Gateway Fife is always keen to host external business events, or list them on our events page
  • Financial support – We can provide a funding opportunities guide for you to give to your clients, letting them know what options are out there. Download our Financial Support Leaflet for more details

To enquire about becoming a Business Gateway Fife Professional Partner give us a call on 01592 858333.